About Me

Currently, I am living in British Columbia, Canada, on the Sunshine Coast.  I am a retired professional engineer and technical writer, who had a passion for photography in my younger days.

I was born in Scotland and graduated in Applied Physics from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.  I have two lovely daughters and a lovely young granddaughter whom I hope will develop a passion for photography.

From Scotland I emigrated to Montreal, Quebec; then relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia, Los Altos, California, and after four years of ocean cruising with my husband, back to Vancouver. We purchased our 34 foot sailboat in Scotland, and set off south across the Irish Sea, the English Channel,  the Bay of Biscay in a nasty storm, and into the Mediterranean where we cruised for several years.  From the Mediterranean we sailed to Madeira, and the Canary Islands before crossing the Atlantic to Barbados, a 22 day trip. From there we continued up the Caribbean Islands to the Bahamas and Florida.  In total, my husband and I lived ten years on our sail boat and sailed over 12,000 miles.  After cruising we spent several years RVing around North America from Boston on the East Coast to New Mexico and Arizona.

Most of my working years were spent in the Telecommunications and Semiconductor industry. During the last few years, before retirement, I worked for the BC Provincial Government in the Ministry of Attorney General, on a justice branch project.  After over 20 years of island living, my husband and I now live on the waterfront in a small quiet coastal town in BC, surrounded by beautiful scenery and friendly people.  I’m now a fair-weather photographer and seldom use my SLR beyond nearby locations.  I still enjoy photography, but mostly limit it to travel shots to post on my personal website for friends and family. I enjoy using Photoshop to crop and improve images, but my use of Photoshop doesn’t extend to manipulating images artistically. 

Since retiring, I spend more time on my computer than I should.  However, I read, write, exercise, walk, plan home decor and renovations, and participate in a Tai Chi group twice a week.  I continue to dabble in various hobbies from time to time.  My husband and I hope to continue travelling more, and I will continue to add more images to my website albums.  We seldom venture outside Europe and North America now, but enjoy watching the amazing science, adventure, culture, art and instructional programs now available on the Internet. We do the arduous long distance travel from our armchairs now, and are fortunate to be able to see, in high definition, the world’s best photographers at work in various areas throughout the globe.