My Photography

I’ve been taking photographs for 65 years.  My father introduced me to photography and taught me how to process film at an early age.  My first summer job while doing my degree involved wet processing film.  While I lived in California, I took several advanced  courses in photographic colour processing and found that I enjoyed printing my own photographs from transparencies.

My husband built a darkroom in our home, once we settled back in BC.  I spent many hours there before digital photography took over.  Of course, I have since disposed of all the wet processing equipment, and now own a Canon SLR digital camera which opened up many more possibilities. Getting into digital photography was very exciting, but as the years have gone by, my camera use has declined.  The majority of my photos are now taken on vacations using a Canon PowerShot travel zoom since I travel with minimal luggage.

Landscape photography interests me most.  Seascapes, mountains and forest scenes appeal to me as these places are where I most enjoy spending time near to home.  When on vacation, I find the old hilltop villages of Europe offer many opportunities to photograph narrow streets, winding staircases and lovely interesting old buildings.  The National Parks of the USA also afford many opportunities for wonderful photos especially around Utah and Arizona.

I still enjoy photography and posting albums from our latest trips on my personal website.  I would like to spend more time with my SLR and perhaps join a photographic vacation workshop in Utah or Arizona.